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co-founder at eQAfy | measuring, analyzing & benchmarking digital estates

Website content aging analysis can identify when updates are needed

Horizontal bar chart showing the relative age of content added to the corporate website of a major international corporation
Content age distribution for a corporate websites: April 2021

Let’s say you’ve mapped, surveyed or otherwise audited your digital estate and you now actually know how many hundreds or thousands of websites you own.

That represents a lot of content, but how much of it is still relevant?

On April 6th 2021, a snapshot of the online news section…

Us, too. We weren’t sure how many was too many. So, we started counting them.

What’s a digital estate?

(First update: 1 April 2021, second update: 8 April 2021, third update: 15 April 2021 and final update: 22 April 2021)

Over the past month we ran a series of stress tests in conjunction with launching our Digital eQ* Insights service. We’ve been publishing the results here and on LinkedIn.

The data this exercise produces drives the decisions that make online presences even more effective

image of spots of light representing a complex network of websites
(image source:

Major corporations and higher education institutions have invested heavily in constructing sophisticated digital ecosystems often comprising hundreds or thousands of websites, social media accounts and other online points of presence.

These digital estates represent significant asset portfolios, built to tell their organizations’ stories and meet their audiences’ information and online…

In assessing the investor relations sections of corporate websites we found three easy-to-implement fixes to boost effectiveness

Image of an iPad and the Financial Times to show investors looking for information

Addressing investors and analysts

Corporate websites, especially those of global corporations, are designed to fulfil multiple roles including serving the needs of many different audiences.

Current and potential investors and analysts are primary audiences for corporate websites…

Keep user surveys short and focused. Too many questions lead to abandonment, participant fatigue and unreliable data.

Who are the only people that know what they need from a website?

Visitors to corporate websites encounter great content assembled by skilled communications and web teams. And, to keep everything running smoothly, those teams carefully track visitor website activity and on-page behaviour.

But, Google Analytics…

Large digital estates need close attention or they get out of hand

Six doughnut charts showing the proportion of websites in the digital estates of six global consumer goods companies that are poor, need improvement or good as measured by the Chrome Lighthouse Performance audit.
(Source: eQAfy research)

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Almost every global organization we encounter has a digital estate comprising hundreds or thousands of websites, along with social media presences and content hosted on third-party platforms.

And, most of those organizations lack accurate digital asset inventories. …

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Confessions of Ignorance

When I was an engineering student I had a friend, Kate, who was taking a social anthropology course.

One day we met right after one of her classes and she asked: “How many shirts did Winston Churchill own?” I hesitated momentarily before confidently offering up: “two hundred”.

Why, two hundred…

A chart summarizing the number of websites found in our high-level survey of the global automotive sector

One Way To Fundamentally Improve Your Digital Estate’s Visitor Experience

We recently carried out a high-level study to measure the number of websites global automotive companies have in their digital estates. You can see the results in the image above

It turns out that major businesses in other sectors and many higher education institutions also have digital estates with very…

high-level survey of global consumer goods companies and their websites

Almost every major business we encounter has a digital estate comprising hundreds/thousands of social media accounts, websites and content hosted on third-party platforms. …

image: Alexander Shatov at

The number isn’t really the issue. The larger question is: are they effective?

To start answering that question means knowing all the social media accounts used to reach audiences, because you can’t make more effective what you don’t know about.

Our research suggests that many organizations don’t know how many…

Paul Bradley

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